PT Harindotama Mandiri is a leading manufacturer of knitted fabrics and garments in Indonesia. In fact, since its establishment in 1988, passionate about driving world class standards in the manufacturing of quality apparel in the international market, the company has developed into an organization that exports diversified textile and garments.

Our consistent commitment to quality and care has helped us build a vast distribution network and gain the trust of major department stores, established retail outlets and designer boutiques throughout Indonesia. We have an excellent track record in superior technical development, rigorous quality control, and high-quality output.

We have been renowed for value, quality and professional expertise and this, in turn, has attracted a diversified customer base and important customer segments in the Western, Europe and United States. Harindotama have In-house development teams which work closely with clients. Their state-of-art production facilities include automated cutting machines & spreaders, upgraded machinery for the finest product quality, embroidery, and printing.

We know exactly where to hunt for raw materials as well as finished garments, enabling us to respond to clients’ diverse and stringent specification demands. Strict auditing on quality requirements ensures the aesthetics and performance customers’ demand. This comprehensive expertise allows us to create the ideal textiles and garment collections with negligible risk and efficient logistics within a competitive pricing structure.


Harindotama was established based on the value of the following core values: Innovation, Inspiration, Reliability and Integrity. We treat our employees in a way that is appropriate, in accordance to legislation. ethical and equitable.


Guided by Indonesian Manpower Ministry regulations, Harindotama protects the economic welfare and occupational safety of all its workers. Recognizing human resources' vital role in the its success, company constantly upgrades the working conditions in the workplace. The company also carries out periodic technical and management training sessions to its personnels. Harindotama treat their employees with respect and dignity. Not a single employee may be victims of physical, sexual or psychological abuses.


Harindotama abides by its stringent Code of Conduct. It does not engage in the practices of discrimination of employees based on its age, status, ethnicity, religion and beliefs. The company also treat every one of its personnels equitably regardless of their sexual orientation, nationality, political opinions and social origins. We are widely recognised by our distinguished clientè€le as an industry leader in achieving the highest levels of social and ethical compliance.


Harindotama has significantly improved its health and safety regulations and facilities to ensure a safer, healthier and happier workforce and to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.


Harindotama does not employ any employees under the age of 18 and is firmly opposed to any form of child labour. In addition, the company does not dispense any daily or commission-only wages. Harindotama pays fair monthly wages, just as any worker could expect to be treated in developed countries.